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Career Enhancement Core

The mission of the CEC is to help Emory researchers normalize the inclusion of sex/gender as a variable in all domains of basic, pre-clinical, clinical, social/behavioral, translational and other research approaches.

Career Enhancement Core (CEC)

Individual-level Support


Funding is available to generate data for an NIH application and to address smaller-scale research needs or opportunities.

Mentor Connect

Assistance in locating a research (for junior faculty) or peer (for senior faculty) mentor who can provide short or long-term consulting about incorporating sex as a biological variable in your research.

Mentor Training

Are you new to being a mentor? Or are you an experienced mentor who is encountering obstacles to a productive relationship with your mentee? We provide training for both new and experienced mentors, including training in Motivational Interviewing, a well-researched and highly effective technique designed to promote clear communication and behavior change.

Collective-level Support

SexMatters Research in Progress (RIP) Club

The SexMatters RIP Club will help to develop a community of science around sex/gender-focused investigations and promote the research careers of group members.

SexMatters Research in Progress (RIP) Club

Team Science Training

The CEC hosts three initiatives to develop team science competencies:

Team Science Training Workshop

In collaboration with the GA CTSA and two of Emory University’s cross-disciplinary T32s (Health Disparities, Cardiology), the CEC is developing an annual one-day team science training workshop that will include activities and exercises highlighting team communication, synergy, and conflict resolution. Participation in the workshop is predicted to increase attendee skills in leading and/or working effectively within a team science approach.

Research Roundtable

The School of Nursing at Emory University conducts an annual Research Roundtable that includes case studies and discussions of team science challenges. Seminars   In Development

COALESE (CTSA Online Assistance for Leveraging the Science of Collaborative Effort) is an evidenced based, NIH funded, online team science training program available through The program covers eight topics including the science of team science, behavioral, biomedical, and clinical team science, the implementation of evidence-based practice, and shared decision making. The CEC is planning to leverage the utility of this program by offering quarterly seminars in which individuals who have completed one or more modules can gather to discuss ways in which the material can be applied in their own work. Participation in the seminars is predicted to help participants crystalize and act on their learning.

Sex/Gender Science Workshop   In Development

The two-day workshop is based on the NIH/ORWH Science of Sex and Gender in Human Health online course series and will cover: 1) the 4Cs model of studying sex to strengthen science (Consider, Collect, Characterize, and Communicate), 2) the sex-linked differences between genders that create the need for considering sex as a biological variable, 3) social and environmental influences that affect women’s health, 4) the influence of sex and gender on disease expression and treatment, and 5) research techniques and biostatistical support services for sex/gender science research available through the SCORE.

Global-level Support

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