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The Emory SCORE (U54AG062334) was funded by NIH in 2018 based on the premise that a clear understanding of the inherent biological differences between the sexes, and how these differences are influenced by social determinants of health, will inform health sciences in ways that will illuminate and help to diminish the health disparities that exist between male and female.


Design studies that take sex into account, or explain why it isn’t incorporated

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Tabulate sex-based data

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Analyze sex-based data

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Report and publish sex-based data

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Faculty Spotlight

Jennifer Stevens

Jennifer Stevens, PhD Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry
and Behavioral Sciences

Research Focus

Dr. Stevens uses neuroimaging approaches to probe brain function and the neurobiological pathways that promote vulnerability or resilience to stress. She is interested in how these circuits differ in individuals between normative and trauma-exposed populations of adults and children.

Why Sex Matters in Science

... Because there appears to be a neural basis anchoring the observation that women have been shown to be at higher risk than men for trauma-related psychopathology.

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