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SCORE Services

The Emory SCORE provides a wide range of services designed to promote the advancement of sex/gender-inclusive science at Emory and beyond. We can help you…


Design studies that take sex into account, or explain why it isn’t incorporated

Career Enhancement Core “Consider” Services
  • Workshops on how to begin incorporating sex as a biological variable in your funding applications, research, and publications
  • Team Science Training that will help you leverage the diverse perspectives and expertise of scientists trained in multiple fields to address sex/gender variables as an issue of common interest
  • Research in Progress Meetings to support a community of like-minded scientists


Tabulate sex-based data

Career Enhancement Core “Collect” Services


Analyze sex-based data

Bioinformatics Resources Core “Characterize” Services:
  • Research Operations assistance including consults on data collection, data management, and quality assurance
  • Collaborative Support including help with research design, statistical analysis, and data interpretation
  • Biostatistical Mentorship and Training


Report and publish sex-based data

Career Enhancement Core “Communicate” Services:
  • Science Poster and Slide design tutorials (In Progress)
  • Conference Presentation practice sessions (In Progress)
Leadership Core Services:
  • SCORE! Newsletter
  • Seminar Speakers (In Progress)
  • Sex and Gender Research Symposium (In Progress)

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