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About the SCORE

Because Sex Matters in Science!

The two major goals of the Emory Specialized Center of Research Excellence in Sex Differences are to promote the normalization of sex as a biological variable in all research involving humans and other vertebrate animals and to establish Emory University as a leader in studying the influence of biological sex on disease. The SCORE addresses these goals through the provision of research funding, support, and education.

lthough the Emory SCORE supports all science, given the global burden and the health disparity in the outcomes of infectious diseases, our immediate scientific goal is to begin bringing Emory into prominence as a center for exploring in great depth the influence of sex on microbial-host-pathogen interactions.

Sex on the Scales

SCORE Mission:

  • Enhance the inclusion of sex as a key variable in all research
  • Mentor the next generation of sex and gender scientists
  • Organize and support a community of like-minded scientists
  • Reach out and collaborate across scientific disciplines
  • Year-round educational events on why sex matters in science

SCORE Advisory Boards:

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